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Jul 12, 2021

Posted by: YeLLoW
New Q3 pickup mode in testing

Hello fellas,

With a help from Shtayga we setup a new way to create and join games. Its called "pickup" and it relies on discord account. So if you don't have one, you will need one to try this out. 

After creating an account you need to join our discord channel here https://discord.gg/jxB9zY43 . Then you should see a tree on your left side with bunch of channels but the one you are interested in is called "-freeze-tag" under section "PICKUPS [RANKED]". 

Here in the chat screen you can see the actual pickups that are open, how many players are waiting and how many players will be in each team or you can also start a pickup if there is none. 



Type +2v2 +4v4 etc. to add yourself into a pickup game. When enough players have been added the pickup starts!

It is important to notice a small checkbox under the pickup message where you have to accept the pickup otherwise it won't start. 

Connect to a server as it is stated in the message. You can add the server to your favorite server tool for easy connect. 

Join the team as it is stated in the message (Red or Blue)

Join the voice channel according to your team (Red or Blue) - in the left tree menu right under the -freeze-tag

Teams will be locked after all players are in. When you are ready don't forget to type "/ready" in your q3 console or bind a key for that. 

Matches are played in BO3 (best of three) format. In this case 3 maps.

The first map is always generated by the bot. The next map is chosen by the losers of the previous map.

After the match, the captain of the losing team (player mentioned first in the pickup message) should type !rl (report loss) to keep stats alive.

If a player leaves before the match is completed and cannot return to the game both captains should type !rd (report draw).

+ or - 2v2 4v4 etc. : adds or removes you from the specified pickup.

++ or -- : adds to all or removes you from all active pickups.

!pickups : list of all available pickups on the channel.

!who : list of users added to pickups.

!promote <pickup> : promotes specified pickups 2v2 4v4 etc.

!expire 1h 2m 3s : sets time delay after you will be removed from all pickups.

!default_expire <duration> : sets your default expire timer.

!rl : report a loss on the current match (captain of the losing team).

!rd : report a draw on the current match in case someone leaves (captains).

!switch_dms : toggles DMs (direct messages) on pickup start.

!rank or !rank <@user> : show your rank or ranking for the specified user.

!lb <page #> or leaderboard : show the leaderboard page specified.


/serverinfo : show info about game server and available commands.

/maplist : shows all available maps for all pickup games on the channel and download link.

/levelshots : animated gif with levelshots of all maps.


If you need more info check the "-rules" section under "PICKUPS [RANKED]"



You can get notification on your cellphone that someone wants to play if you install discord app

You can type @player_name to ask someone to play with you (if he is online on discord)

Voice chat

Automatic teams balancing based on skill

Locked teams = so no enemy spectating when you are frozen



Sometimes it can take some time to start a match

You need to play more matches for more accurate stats and teambalancing


 It may seem a bit complicated first but really it is not. Just try it out and you will see. 

Apr 13, 2021

Posted by: YeLLoW
Get most of your quake3

So even the quake3 is slowly dying that does not mean it is not developed anymore. Not talking about our current e+ mod but quake3 in general. 

I would like to share with you some tips how to get most of your quake3, maybe fix some errors you don't even know you have. 


First of all we will start with the executable itself. "V" server requires v1.32 or later (protocol 68) to join but there are lot of versions to try. If you own a modern PC "vulcan" renderer is the way to go. 

You can check latest build from here https://github.com/ec-/Quake3e/releases/tag/latest which are updated almost daily and download Quake3.exe

After unpacking you will see 3 files. Classic q3e, q3e.ded and q3e-vulcan. The last mentioned is the one we are interested in. I am not going to go through the release notes you can check them by yourself but this one is the best for modern PCs.

For an example this solved my issues with geometry of far walls. The arc openings were not round but more like minecraft style when i was far away and only when i reached certain distance they became round.  This is even more visible if you are running high resolution textures packs. 


Second thing you want to check is if your mouse is not running through unnecessary usb hubs. It is always better to plug it directly to your motherboard's back IO plate, preferably USB3 port. On modern PCs USB2 ports are often behind build-in USB 2.0 hub which can add delays (1-2ms but its till delay right?)


If you install your windows and not do any tweaks its always good to set your power plan to high performance if you are going to do some gaming. This will force all your CPU cores to operate at maximum frequency even when there is no load. In default balanced power plan your cores are underclocked based on the load and since quake3 is not that demanding your cores can go up and down and all this can add some unwanted delay. If you are sick going to control panel to change the power plan back and forth a useful utility exists called PowerPlanSwitcher where you can easily change it from your taskbar. Other option is to set automatic powerplan switch to your q3 executable. You can google how to do that but for some reason it did not work for me. After running q3 the CPU cores were still underclocking like in the balanced mode. Don't forget to switch it back to balanced if you are doing some ordinary PC stuff to safe electric bill and excess heat generating.


It is always ok to close unwanted programs or even reboot the PC before you start a game. If your PC is running a whole day it can grab some garbage and fill out some caches which can contribute to slowness or performance instability. In some cases you can even go overkill and set the priority to high for the quake3-vulcan process. You can make it by going to task manager > details > right click on quake3-vulcan > set priority > high. (game must be running obviously) 


Now few ingame settings. I always prefer go higher fps without g-sync/freesync. If your PC can handle it you should go with com_maxfps 250 or 125, with r_swapinterval 0, rate 25000,  snaps 40 and cl_maxpackets 125. 

in_mouse should be always 1 for the raw input, in_lagged should be 0 for before frame processing but you may experiment with this if you like and set it to 1. 

If your audio is muddy you may try setting higher sample rate with s_khz 44

*V* server is running delag so make sure your g_delagweapons is set to 15. You can test if the delag is working for you by shooting a wall with machinegun. The sound of the weapon firing and the sound of bulled bouncing of the wall should be played together and in most cases the bounce sound is not even played. All the other q3 settings should be pretty much ok with the default values. 


I hope i helped you a little bit and if not feel free to go to your previous settings. It is always smart to have key files stored somewhere on another disk/pc/cloud. 




Mar 13, 2021

Posted by: Fl4k
Quake Live Physics

Hey quakers,

so i decided to set physics to quake live style again. The thing was just, ql physics are not compatible to all maps, you can easily get stuck on some corridors and it can boost your strafes when you did not want that at some point...But i saw players prefer the easier way to reach red armor on ospdm8 for example (although it wasn't intended on that map to reach it so quickly). And rocket jumps seem to be easier to perform as well, so i think that provides the best compromise for the majority.  


Dec 24, 2020

Posted by: Fl4k
Cherry MĀ“mas


Apr 8, 2020

Posted by: YeLLoW
HD textures pack

Hi guys,


I found these textures packs on moddb. These are not new but rather up-scaled old textures using neural networks (AI). You have to try them out. It looks amazing. Place them inside your baseq3 folder.  

If you have xcsv_bq3hi-res don't forget to move it outside baseq3 so it won't interfere. 

You may also set r_picmip to 0 and r_vertexlight 0 to get most of the picture.


All hail MamiyaOtaru (creator)


Cheers :) 

Nov 5, 2019

Posted by: YeLLoW
Shotgun settings

Hey Fraggers,

as we struggled to port working settings of the shotgun from quake live to our server and there were still some weird damage situations and also weird knockback, we reverted all fancy e+ settings back and shotgun is now vanilla q3. You can immediately feel the difference. Although the damage is reduced from original 110 to 100 but it feels pretty strong anyways.  So no more shotgun from china :) Enjoy.

Oct 16, 2019

Posted by: Fl4k
Pureskill Anticheat


Yo fraggers!

We remind you that our server is Pure Skill supported! Engine will now display a private message to non pureskill players, so be sure to download it    HERE  

Feb 26, 2019

Posted by: Fl4k
New Discord invitation link.

Hey peeps, 

the old Discord Link is outdated, so if you wanna join our discord channel heres the new INVITATION LINK

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