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V goes 1.32

Posted: 31 Aug 2016 14:40
by fl4k
Hey quakers!

As some of you already know, V is on the way to change the point release.
For this purpose we set with Yellows help on V2 a server running on 1.32c with Excessive plus mod, so before we swap you can test and if needed ask for help, this will provide a smooth swap for you.
The preparation time will take probbaly some time, so feel free to write here under this thread.
Its very importand becouse after the preparation time also our main server V1 will move to 1.32 and ofc we would love to take you with us! :)

Why we do this? Cuz Q3 isnt that active anymore, especially 1.16n PR. So the best decission is to get as close as possible to active comunity. The Excessive Plus mod was released in Jul 2014!
This step was already considering by us for a long time! So its kinda exciting too.
The gameplay will be the same as you are used to but the Excessive plus mod will bring to you many improvements like:

- A more active comunity
- Quake Live physics
- Full customizable hud
- Cylindric hitbox,
- Anti-cheat system to catch most of the annoying aim bots and auto-shoot hacks including a brand new anti-wallhack system
- The advanced callvote configuration giving server admins absolute control over their servers
- Frame-rate independent physics to make the game generally more fair.


Basically, what you need to do is installing the Point release 1.32 and the 1.32 C extension
then unpack the Excessive plus mod files to your main quake directory.

You can also use a Point Release switching tool if you wanna still play on 1.6n but wanna keep everything in one installation together with 1.32, so intall this cool tool.
Note! Nemesis and Noghost mod clients are made for 1.16n and can cause graphical issues on 1.32, so if u experience this, remove it.

You just have to put then your q3config.cfg inside the baseq folder and adjust it.


Basic commands are like:


- Changes color of all enemy models, "2112" numbers represents four colors
Example: xp_enemyColors "2222"


- Changes all enemy models to the one you choose
Example: xp_enemyModel "tankjr"


- Changes your Crosshair color
Example: xp_crosshairColor "2"

hf :aikido:

Re: V goes 1.32

Posted: 05 Sep 2016 11:34
by fl4k
For those who are interessted in this hud, its very close to quake live original hud


Unpack and put it in your /excessiveplus/hud folder and load it with esc and select hud, or /xp_hud "qlhud"

Re: V goes 1.32

Posted: 24 Sep 2016 14:50
by superbad
Hi, i just wanted to welcome you all on the e+ mod. i hope you'll enjoy the platform and the freedom it brings.
i made a topic on the forum: ... ome-clan-v

if you have any questions regarding your game or server config's, getting everything adjusted the way you want, the community is good at pointing you in the right direction.

the mod has been around alot longer than 2014, this was the latest and perhaps last update sadly. the developers were always silent and inactive, no incentive to spend time fixing it i guess. a passion project perhaps. nonetheless its really awesome

The lastest version does have some nice refreshing features like the hud's, multi view demo support, anti-cheat, re-worked cfg system etc.
however there are a few pesky bugs you should be aware of - sound issues with a certain anti-cheat setting and crashing when you open the console - make sure you have xp_drawConsole "0" set!. you'll probably figure that out or read about it, i cant remember the specifics on the anti-cheat sound bug.
i've been around since 2006/07 and have been part of the tight knit community on the most popular servers, beer freeze and borg ctf, both have been less active recently but most active players are practicing ctf on the plusN config for ctf cup thats in progress. there were two main sides to the community, which were excessive5 and plus, they have different movement physics, weapon damages, switch times and preffered game modes. (e5 is usually ctf or tdm, plus is freeze tag.). now days there are some russian rail servers for insta rail action in ctf or dm17 ffa, and there are some official vanilla servers which i think you'll like as they probably resemble the gameplay you're used to.

you'll see us on wSs and zoo servers most nights, feel free to drop by and experience the fast paced madness that some of most popular e+ cfgs provide :D i understand it probably wont be your thing compared to 1.16 or other mods, but it would be nice to play some games with 'freshy's :) i had fun getting my ass kicked on your server xD lol. all these years and i never touched vanilla q3, so thats my excuse. :D

hope you have fun with your server and we welcome you. feel free to host events and post in the forum. we have some ranking stuff there too. :beer:

ps. here are some links to random cfgs the community has posted over the years: ... one-tweaks

Also, this is a plug :
here is another quake live style hud i made for the edawn mod and ported to e+ a while back. i never got around to polishing it so you might notice the size issue on the lagometer (its too wide and repeats itself, easy fix though) i dont use it anymore but its fully functional

i made a quick video on how to change its colour too

Re: V goes 1.32

Posted: 24 Sep 2016 21:34
by fl4k
Hey m8!
Thx for your welcoming message. Its good to see guys like you which stayed for a long time in the e+ comunity. This mod is surely one of the best. For first we wanted to go with osp, but as we seen this one is more up to date and has many cool features, so currently we are happy as it is. Yeah i read with Yellow (main admin) about the cheat protection, currently we havent mess up with this feature but who knows maybe we check it out someday...Well we are used to play more a classic gameplay in all weapon freeze mod, i know e+ was created to provide a more open world in q3, but i think it still fits us :) Some developers would like to update it in my opinion if we could make some donation for them, probably everyone of them is busy on other things, so this could be like a way to motivate them, we can collect some things which could be nice to change or add in...Ive seen you guys are organazing cup matches, that was one of my idea lately but unfortunately it failed on 1.16n so im looking forward now.
Hf and keep fragging :)

Re: V goes 1.32

Posted: 01 Oct 2016 12:25
by fl4k
Here the file for disabling the click when weapon empty.
Put the .pk3 file into, Quake III Arena/Excessive Plus/

Re: V goes 1.32

Posted: 11 Dec 2016 17:50
by Liss0lala
God, Flaky.
Your explanation made it look so easy. So i tried.
But, you know i sux in technical stuff.

Who is coming to the rescue? :unknown: