Q3 sounds replacement from Q4

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Q3 sounds replacement from Q4

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All you need is Q4 sound pack https://rapidshare.com/files/424241458/q4sound.rar
and Winrar.
1) Go to your installation folder of Quake \Program Files\Quake III Arena\baseq3 and in baseq3 folder copy the file pak0.pk3 to your Desktop (Do it in case something goes wrong)

2) Rename the copied file pak0.pk3 to pak0.rar and open it with Winrar (don't try Winzip).
Double click it no extract it will take long and there is a chance of damaging the file

3) In sound folder there is all the sounds of Q3
Replace the sounds from Q4 that you like with drag and drop method from Q4sounds folder in Winrar
Usually the names in both versions of Quake are the same but don't do a full replacement only those that you like.
Especially weapon sounds in Q4 are bad. I replaced chat sound \sound\player\talk.wav which is more distinctive and
jumppad sound \sound\world\jumppad.wav

4) If your done with the sounds close Winrar and rename the file back to pak0.pk3

Remember to do a backup of the original pak0.pk3 and don't overwrite it when you do the testings.
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