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LG hack for nemesis

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 11:51
by YeLLoW
Maybe few of you noticed that in nemesis client the LG beam is a bit weird.
When attacking a target the beam is jumping around the crosshair like it want to track the target by it self and for some ppl like me it can be very disturbing. (im trying to aim the beam on target but the crosshair and real aiming is totaly of target.)
Also you can notice a small beam delay when strafing side to side (like with cg_truelightning 0.9). nothing of this is visible in latest NG client. So i tried to port the NG's LG to nemesis but without luck. Its hardcoded. So i came with an interresting idea. Remove the beam completly. This is nothing hard coz the nemesis comes with the code for new beam look and the new beam are just simple JPG files. So all you have to do is open the jpg files and make them all black with same dimensions. Of course this comes with a disadvantage too. You wont see enemy's beam as well. No beam at all. First i removed the beam only and the result was better but there was still the "hit effect" = LG splash and it was also off crosshair. So still a bit disturbing or confusing in aim. So i removed it too. (this was a bit tricky coz this effect isnt included in nemesis file) Maybe it looks weird but i can tell you the damage causing the LG now is awesome. You only have to track the target (with decent ping) and his health will goes down in few secs. My LG accuracy is now 2-3x better!!!

How to do that?

Open nemesis zzz pk3 file in total-commander (just simple hit enter on it)
Extract (copy F5) this file to some temp directory:
/gfx/misc/lightning3new.jpg - this is the beam
Open pak0.pk3 from baseq3 folder and extract this file
/models/weaphits/electric.jpg - this is the hit effect

Now open these 2 extracted files in paint editor or what ever.
Select all, delete and fill it all with pure black color (do not change dimensions). Save both files.
now again switch to total commander and open nemesis pak.
Copy the modyfied lightning3new.jpg to /gfx/misc/ and overwrite the old file.
Now go 2 steps up to the root of the pak and press F7 to create a directory.
Call it "models" (without quotes). Inside this directory create another one called "weaphits". (we just making same directory structure as in pak0.pk3)
now copy in here the modyfied electric.jpg file.
You are done.

Boot the game and enjoy the true invisible lighning with no confusion.


Re: LG hack for nemesis

Posted: 20 Nov 2010 12:48
by kaska
Nice one , yes LG is a bit confusing

Re: LG hack for nemesis

Posted: 10 Feb 2011 23:24
by shroom
I came to another idea. LG beam always juming here and there at 165 ping of mine :P so tell me how can i fix my LG beam on opponent, i mean i want to stick it with his movements with 165 ms compensation heheheh. oops, looks like a cheat to me

Re: LG hack for nemesis

Posted: 11 Feb 2011 09:13
by YeLLoW
The correct visible beam should never jump from the crosshair center possition even with 500 ping. But of course the real damaging beam is 500ms behind. There is no fix for ya. Move to UK or find a delag server ;)