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Smiles script

Post by YeLLoW »

In this tutorial i will show you how to make different smiles each time you press the same key.
I will use of course our well known strings which are used for noghost maps rotation as well.
First we will bind the inicial key:

bind b "vstr smile"

then we will set inicial string:

set smile "vstr smile1"

This will run the smile string when we press the b key. Now its only the mather how many smiles you like to have. According to this you will create following lines:

set smile1 "say: ^2:^3) ; set smile vstr smile2"
set smile2 "say: ^3:^4) ; set smile vstr smile3"
set smile3 "say: ^4:^5) ; set smile vstr smile4"
set smile4 "say: ^5:^6) ; set smile vstr smile5"
set smile5 "say: ^6:^7) ; set smile vstr smile1"

Remember to point the last smile string to the first to make a rotation from them.

Thats it. Now don't forget to keep the key pressed and spam the server with your changing smiles :crazy:

To apply this to the game.

- without messing with your current config

1. Create new text file in your baseq3 folder (X:/yourquake3directory/baseq/smiles.txt)
2. Paste the codes from tutorial, modify if needed (key, smiles)
3. Save the text file.
4. Rename the textfile extension to .cfg so your file will looks like this "smiles.cfg"
5. Boot the game, in the game open console and type "/exec smiles.cfg", hit enter. (you can just type "/exec smiles" as well)
Pros: Easier
Cons: You need to load the cfg each time you boot the game.

- to include it to your current cfg

Coz the 1.16 cfg loading from mod directory is a bit buggy we need force the game to load exactly the cfg we need.

1. boot the game, in the game open the console and type "/writeconfig backup"
2. Exit the game, go to your mod directory "X:/yourquake3directory/NoGhost"
3. Copy the backup.cfg file let say to your desktop.
4. Open in notepad(or other texteditor), add the code from tutorial to the end, modify if needed, save the file.
5. Rename the backup.cfg to q3config.cfg
6. Paste this file to your baseq directory and overwrite the old q3config.cfg
7. Remove the whole NoGhost mod directory.
8. Boot the game and smiles should work

Pros: No need to load cfg each time
Cons: More difficult
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Re: Smiles script

Post by fl4k »

YeLLoW wrote:Now don't forget to keep the key pressed and spam the server with your changing smiles :crazy:
Lol i thought the same :D
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Re: Smiles script

Post by EnZyMe-ZuM »

baseq3/autoexec.cfg > all.
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