Back in business

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Back in business

Post by kaska »

It's been a while but we are back in business. Both Website and Server are running and we hope this is the last accident we have. Enjoy boys and girls

Many thanks to Yellow for all the help he provides us.

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Re: Back in business

Post by YeLLoW »

yeah help and troubles :D

I little update here.
Coz i don't want to risk a webserver crash anymore, i moved the stats page and stats calculations to my server. This also gave me a lot more options to work with stats.
Many of you probably have seen and already using the yBuster update i made and for those who has not, here is a little hint.

yBuster can now connect to the stats database directly so he can extract any infos from there.
So now you can use besides the old good commands:


2 more commands for the stats


"-rank" command will according to your name extract and display your current numbers of kills, deaths, games, skill points and overall rank from the stats database. So what you will see depends on your exact name.
Guys with non unique nicks like "unnamed player" or so can have troubles coz they could see the stats from a different person. If you are scared that some1 using your nick can destroy your stats don't worry. The stats itself assign points according to your IP and you have always your unique ip.
If a player's name is not found in stats a msg about no stats for player is displayed.

"-top10" command as you can see from its name will show you the top 10 players. I think there's nothing else i can say, eh, eh, i wish he never looked me that way, eh, eh :D

I little bit from behind the scenes :)

Stats are updating at the end of each map when you can see the broadcast msg "Proccessing stats...". At this point q3 servser starts to upload the quake 3 log file to my server. This can take 1-3 seconds depends how big the log file is. After the transfer is complete server sends a stats-update command and my server starts the stats calculations from the uploaded logfile. This take few miliseconds. When this is complete with no error my server will send another broadcast msg "Done" to the console. If you wont see the Done msg, something went wrong or the stats server is offline.
If the stats server is offline this does not mean that you will loose your stats. As long as the q3 server is running, logfile is updated and your stats are saved and will be proccessed as soon as the stats server goes back online.
Coz the log file is an incremental file, its getting bigger and bigger and this could cause troubles after longer time period, so i set automatic flush proccess each 3 days at early morning hours.
Unfortunately there is one limitation that i can not probably fix. Coz the log file can have sometimes few megabytes, it has to be uploaded when the map is over and no1 is playing or ppl could get a lag (maybe). But the stats system itself needs to see in the log file a map-start-point to determine when a map ended. So if it doesn't see the next map-start-point it wont count the stats for that map in. For the smarter ones of you :) its clear that coz of this behaviour stats have 1 map delay. So when you have a realy good map with 500 kills you will see the result at the end of next map.
Yes i could set the stats to update during the nextmap warmup round but i don't like the idea ppl could get a little lag, maybe they wont, who know. should i risk it? leave your comment :)

Thats all folks.

Your server admin and website destroyer YeLLoW :) (don't blame me for that. shit happends all the time )
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