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1vs1 HIT cup

Posted: 15 Feb 2017 22:01
by ShadowKnight
Hello all :Yahoo!:
I'm ShadoWKnighT from E+ community leader of wasp clan and the president of my own toilet! .
Ok back to the topic, I am sponsoring a 1vs1 tournament with winning prices for 1-4 spot players as motivation to bring a few different groups together into a nice event that will continue to happen through the year and hopefully many more, I will post a full description on e+ feb 20th so you are the lucky ones to hear about this pretty much before any1 else.
The tourney will use a new weapon configuration that is new to everyone, I have taken reload times from your own cfg and mixed it all together with our most famous cfg's PlusN and FreezeRail plus a few different things of my own ideas. This config is playing on Freon server ( ) in clan arena mode vs gauntlet bots for practice and I join when ever any1 does to show them a few things and play 1vs1 .

Prices will be given in amazon gift vouchers ( is a code you load on to your amazon account and it gives you amazon balance to use on any items ) amazon ships global so I thought it would be a fair useful reward.
1rst place wins $100 then 55, 30 and 15 .
I will participate on this event but I do not get any reward and neither will any member who decides to play past the max 32 ranked player count, meaning there will be a minimum 20 player requirement to proceed with the event ( already 18 have signed up ) and a maximum of 32 , but if we reach 32 and more wish to participate they can but he/she will not be ranked for prices.
Being said I am asking players before I announce on e+, if you wish to join let me know here or on e+ and I will add you to the list , again already 18 have joined so there are 14 ranked spots left.
Tournament mode , 15 minutes 0 fraglimit.
Schedule time, 1rst and second round will be first weekend of march, 3rd and 4rth second weekend, and last third weekend .
Let me know 8)


Re: 1vs1 HIT cup

Posted: 15 Feb 2017 22:38
by Mal
Niiiice. There's a new wig on amazon i would like to get my head on... :-D
Although i suck (in the right term of the word ofc...) in 1vs1, i might get into this... Let's see.
Already had the oportunity to congratulate Shadowknight for his initiative and pro-activity and time given for the cause.


Re: 1vs1 HIT cup

Posted: 15 Feb 2017 23:32
by fl4k
generaly i would like to sign in but the rockets are following the target and thats kinda silly :) but ok count me in :p

Re: 1vs1 HIT cup

Posted: 16 Feb 2017 00:27
by ShadowKnight
Yes but they hit very low dmg , mainly used to kill off low health targets running away , same as lg, plasma to set traps or block an entry, sg has a big spread but deadly up close , LG PG and GL have self dmg , GL has same self dmg as to enemy dmg -> its slow reload makes up by its high dmg so place it well, different combinations can be made between them .

You can also destroy the enemy rocker and plasma, plasma with any splash dmg and rocket with projectiles and rail .

Also you can move around faster with rocket and bfg ( bfg on corners )

Re: 1vs1 HIT cup

Posted: 20 Feb 2017 01:28
by ShadowKnight
anyone here good with server side things , I need to set up automated server side demo record possibly with the startmvd feature excessiveplus offers , here are some links I found regarding the server side record: ... rsidedemos

but I'm super sexy beast regarding all of it , if someone could set it up on one of my server I'm thinking of running 8 servers during the 1vs1 cup so players can play and get recorded at the same time without the need of another player spectating .
I already have a few servers running the updated ioquake3 git version as you can see here:
and ( very good for rail practice )

if anyone is willing to do this I would greatly GREATLY appreciate it :beer:

Re: 1vs1 HIT cup

Posted: 20 Feb 2017 19:47
by ShadowKnight
Tournament Details : ... ament-2017

Tu subscribe please make sure your registered on e+

Re: 1vs1 HIT cup

Posted: 22 Feb 2017 05:27
by fl4k
Sr man not familiar with these things... looks like uncompiled source code in C ... Maybe Yellow can tell more...

Re: 1vs1 HIT cup

Posted: 22 Feb 2017 20:10
by ShadowKnight
fl4k wrote:Sr man not familiar with these things... looks like uncompiled source code in C ... Maybe Yellow can tell more...
well I posed some ads on fiverr , hopefully a freelancer can take a look, I'm only good with client side settings and some server minor server side things .

Re: 1vs1 HIT cup

Posted: 25 Feb 2017 14:33
by YeLLoW

seems like standard linux scripting but it would need to read the whole docu to set it up. I have never saw that tool so i'm not familiar with it.