Health Corner B12 Deficiency

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Health Corner B12 Deficiency

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Signs and Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency
(for our server clan member Cat and may whom need these information!! Cat u joined as Tired .. nick i didnt recognise u at first .)

Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is an important water-soluble vitamin .
It plays an essential role in the production of your red blood cells and DNA, as well as the proper functioning of your nervous system.
Vitamin B12 is naturally found in animal foods, including meats, fish, poultry, eggs and dairy.
However, it can also be found in products fortified with B12, such as some varieties of bread and plant-based milk.
Unfortunately, B12 deficiency is common, especially in the elderly and not just in elderly also nearly common in population. You’re at risk of deficiency if you don’t get enough from your diet or aren’t able to absorb enough from the food you eat.
People at risk of a B12 deficiency include = The elderly, those who’ve had surgery that removes the part of the bowel that absorbs B12 , people on the drug metformin for diabetes. people following a strict vegan diet, those taking long-term antacid drugs for heartburn
Unfortunately, symptoms of a vitamin B12 deficiency can take years to show up, and diagnosing it can be complex. A B12 deficiency can sometimes be mistaken for a folate deficiency.Low levels of B12 cause your folate levels to drop.

Here are signs and symptoms of a true vitamin B12 deficiency:

1. Pale or Jaundiced Skin
People with a B12 deficiency often look pale or have a slight yellow tinge to the skin and whites of the eyes, a condition known as jaundice.
This happens when a lack of B12 causes problems with your body's red blood cell production .
Vitamin B12 plays an essential role in the production of the DNA needed to make red blood cells. Without it, the instructions for building the cells are incomplete, and cells are unable to divide .
This causes a type of anemia called megaloblastic anemia, in which the red blood cells produced in your bone marrow are large and fragile.
###Therefore, you don’t have as many red blood cells circulating around your body, and your skin can appear pale in color.The fragility of these cells also means that many of them break down, causing an excess of bilirubin.Large amounts of bilirubin are what give your skin and eyes a yellow tinge ..
###If you have a B12 deficiency, your skin may appear pale or jaundiced.

2. Weakness and Fatigue
Weakness and fatigue are common symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency.They occur because your body doesn’t have enough vitamin B12 to make red blood cells, which transport oxygen throughout your body.As a result, you are unable to efficiently transport oxygen to your body’s cells, making you feel tired and weak.
###When you are deficient in B12, your body isn’t able to produce enough red blood cells to effectively transport oxygen throughout your body. This can make you feel tired and weak.

3. Sensations of Pins and Needles
One of the more serious side effects of a long-term B12 deficiency is nerve damage.This can occur over time, as vitamin B12 is an important contributor to the metabolic pathway that produces the fatty substance myelin. Myelin surrounds your nerves as a form of protection and insulation.Without B12, myelin is produced differently, and your nervous system isn’t able to function properly.
One common sign of this happening is paresthesia, or the sensation of pins and needles, which is similar to a prickling sensation in your hands and feet.
Sensations of pins and needles are a common symptom that can have many causes, so this symptom alone is not usually a sign of B12 deficiency.
###B12 plays an important role in the production of myelin, which insulates your nerves and is critical to your nervous system function. A common sign of potential nerve damage in B12 deficiency is a sensation of pins and needles.

4. Changes to Mobility
If untreated, the damage to your nervous system caused by a B12 deficiency could cause changes to the way your walk and move.It may even affect your balance and coordination, making you more prone to falling.
###The damage caused by long-term, untreated B12 deficiency can affect your balance and cause changes to the way you walk and move.

5. Glossitis and Mouth Ulcers
Glossitis = inflamed tongue.If you have glossitis, your tongue changes color and shape, making it painful, red and swollen.As well as being painful, glossitis can change the way you eat and speak and can be early sign of vitamin B12 deficiency.
Additionally, some people with a B12 deficiency may experience other oral symptom mouth ulcer

.6. Breathlessness and Dizziness
If you become anemic due to a B12 deficiency, you may feel short of breath and a bit dizzy, especially when you exert yourself.
This is because your body lacks the red blood cells it needs to get enough oxygen to your body’s cells. Because there is less or nonproperly working red cells.

7. Disturbed Vision
One symptom of vitamin B12 deficiency is blurred or disturbed vision.
This can occur when an untreated B12 deficiency results in nervous system damage to the optic nerve that leads to your eyes .
The damage can disrupt the nervous signal that travels from your eye to your brain, impairing your vision. This condition is known as optic neuropathy.

Although alarming, it is often reversible by supplementing with B12 .

8. Mood Changes
People with B12 deficiency often report changes in mood.
In fact, low levels of B12 have been linked to mood and brain disorders like depression and dementia .

Vitamin B12 deficiency is common and can present itself in various ways, making it difficult to identify.
For most people, a B12 deficiency should be easy to prevent simply by ensuring you are getting enough B12 in your diet.

And all symptoms are reversible by supplementing with B12 pills.

Get well soon Cat !
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Re: Health Corner B12 Deficiency

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Thank you star, :Rose:

i have an appointment with the docter 8 jan (could not go earlier they are closed) to discuss it further with him.
Meanwhile im advised to swap from B-complex(high) to B12 single supplement, im going to get them tomorrow.

Yes i feel week , tired in body specially in the morning hard to get out bed and wake up, my arms and especially my upper legs feel heavy and tired combined with the sensation of musle pains in it. my neck arms and shoulder and back hurt (could also be different things then b12 def.) sometime i feel pressure on my heart/chest , short breathed and when i try to run abit im completely tired after 100-200 meters. Sometimes my eyes get blurry and i feel tinkeling sensation in my right foot(bottom front) and sometimes arms and hands.

I hope the pills with help, but specially i hope to find the cause. as far as i could read i understood that b12 is stored in the liver with a stack for 3 years, furthermore i eat everything more or less so thats really odd.
The blood results returned a b12 value of 118 (where they keep 130 as absolute bottomline for 'normal')
and my methylmalonacid value is good, wich means my body SHOULD adsorb the b12...

lets see what will happen...
i still want to be able to frag :%)
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Re: Health Corner B12 Deficiency

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pls use next time pm option cuz its directed to cat
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Re: Health Corner B12 Deficiency

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First I tried to send in pm but it gave error, tried several times !! He was waiting information about b12 deficiency so I used this way ,this is human kindness , he saw this post so you can delete as u want.
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