complains and freedom

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complains and freedom

Post by fl4k »

Guten Tag.
So since a longer time there is a confrontation between several people, so i opened this thread to hopefuly make a freedom for good.
I want to invite to this conversation Mal, Suzy, Star, Savage and Voodoo.
What i want is that all of you show your point of view! What happend in the past, why did it happen, what do you wish, what can we do better in the future...
Also what i want is that everyone who writes under this thread.

1. Dont insult
2. Be honest
3. Stay on facts. it is possible that we will include log files and other materials.
4. In the case you want to post pics (chose preview pics)
5. In the case you want a piece from the logfile, i need a quote to find the piece you want.
6. The logfile is a bit big but if everyone of mentioned people wish i will upload is somewhere.

Just for Info!
In the case that you want to complain about something, this is the place you have to go! If you want that admins take a look on that!!!
From now i will ignore and delete every private message about complains - this will provide that everyone can defend ownself, so nothing is anymore behind backs.
Everyone else who plays on V server is also allowed to leave his comment, but stay on topic! Spams will be edited or deleted.
In the case that this thread isnt getting active, i will begin the confrontation on my own and probably post pictures and quotes from the logfiles.
I will be here as a referee but also i give myself the right to post if i feel like that, especially about things i observed in the past...I dont prefer any side, what i want is equal rights for everyone.
Thread activity deadline is saturday, 17.12.20016 10:00 Am Eu.
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Re: complains and freedom

Post by VoODoO »

To Mal.
Since you've been kicked by the server you've lost all my respect. I always had suspicions that you could use cheats and thanks to the change to 1.32 you were hunted. In the end you have been a victim of your own traps. You try to deny it by making excuses but the reality is that I can feel the change in the way you play since then. I usually like to observe other players to learn new moves, new tactics, which it is better to use one weapon or another ...

I've definitely felt the change by watching you and playing against you. Where is that magic shotgun? Where are those awesome shots with the railgun? Because now you almost always use rockets and so little shotgun that frags has given you? An honest player does not change his way of playing so suddenly if there is not something that forces him to do so. It's going to take a lot of work to re-earn people's trust by being an honest player and not a fraud who in my opinion was a cheater.

If you have something to write I'll read it. If not from this moment my behavior towards you will ignore you completely and I expect the same behavior yours towards me.

To Suzy.
You are the jewel of the crown. Rude, provocative. You're always complaining. Camper, lagger, total lag now ... SNIF SNIF: The problem is not camper, not the delay, the problem is your ability to play Quake which is mouse click 1 and the mouse 2 jump rocket jump rocket rocket rocket jump rocket. You are free to play as you wish, but do not put as an excuse that the fault is the delay or the camper.
Wake up at once !. Your poor skill its fault.

You think that you are above all things and all people and the truth is that people like you do not want it to my side in the games. You laugh at me and my country and then you come to my country on your vacation (HAHA) pathetic. I am not perfect and I also make mistakes but I try to be better and especially enjoy the best game of all time QUAKE 3 arena. Definitely for me you are the worst thing the server has.

If you have something to write do it and I'll read it. If not, from this moment you will be completely ignored by me and I expect the same behavior of yours towards me.
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Re: complains and freedom

Post by Mal »

Such continuos bad attitude allgathered Cris... Such pride and arrogance takes you nowhere... To think that once you speaked to me as friend...
And you should appologise to Suzy.
I'ts null to me what you may think or not about my person now.

I'm afraid that this thread may end being a twisted written soap opera or a legal courtyard for further accusations and penalties and Flak end's being the judge and executioner and i, the inocent misdemeanor. Flak, i wont be here spendindg more time and patience and dweling into this endelessly, feeding in a wrong way, other's bad vibes. I simply don't have the time and age for this anylonger. Right now i do feel i have something to say about what has been going on and also for my defense on current accusations, not just for those who accuse me but also to state here to some others that may like to see something explained, since i didn't had the opportunity or plce to do it, allthough hence i dont have the urge or need to do it or feel arrassed to proove anything.
You see what you want to see and use it to satisfy your personal need for accusation against me because it's the way you want, on your own will and purpose, with good or bad intentions.
There is a faction on the server that never had been in the past history and i think its not a good thing and i'm afraid that may ruin sooner or later the whole, fragile as it is, community.
Things aren't set allways generaly based for everyone as people may superficialy consider and there is not a universal rule for everyone's gameplay by default. Its not constant the same for everyone.
In 1.16 i allways played Noghost mode visual, not Nemezis mode, so visualy there are huge differences between them and i had allways the old original in-game look, not the one that is current like the one that we now play in 1.32 (yes we are now on 1.32 in case you havent noticed), so my game play was deeply affected by the physics and visuals and that's what is forcing me to change gameplay. I have to forcely play it now
after a long time and yes im still getting use to it. After 17 years with the same thing and config, try to play that differently. I play in 1.32 since a long time but allways returned to 1.16 and the majority of my time played is there. I never got used to Nemezis look and allways kept that look asside because simply i liked more the original Noghost one.
Furthermore i still have issues with bot skins, wich i gave up trying to solve due mostly to lack of time and a lot of lazyness and i wont ask others to solve them for me.
Sarge stubornly keeps remaining by default (try playing 2 hours allways listening to 1000 "Doh's") even if in every line of the cfg is Razor, the one skin i allways played with (Flak and Y can confirm, before i was beeing kicked that i had this issues after passing to 1.32 and asked him why was it happening).
I was kicked obviously because i was trying to solve the problem testing with what i had in hands, very old skins on a still very old system. Of course if you put files that may be not allowed in baseq3 folder, server system like 1.32 with enabled anti-cheats on, will consider or not, suspected files as cheats, and server may react of course the way as it did with me. Doh. I panicked a bit and immedialty try to set everything normal bu erasing those actions. I have this game on this computer since 2004 and i had a lot of information on old 1.16 baseq3 folder, information that i even passed onto this computer previously since 1999 (just about more than 1.500 maps and other more quantity of files on several folders, skins and trash, so i guess
i had old skins with bugs or corrupted or incompatible files or something else that triggered the 1.32system.
I never expected that i would be fussed about it but, wait, i forgot... Surprise. There was a previously setted spanish inquisition waiting with an urging bad attitude and ready to aim me with screens and accusations and a bad whole intention. Ofc i would get aimed, ofc flak would get informed, ofc everything is logged, ofc i knew all of that but i didnt gave the right importance to the actions. I wasn't expecting things ended up like the way they are now. Take this as it is else dont bother me with that anylonger.
And bah... do you know how old i am and for how long i play this?
Even so, here i am taking shit from others. Do i need this? No. Im still here because of some of the people playing this, not taking serious the fucking game anymore because i think that's not the way it must be, else i would had left long time ago like many did already.
Ask Micky if you don't understand what im saying. Micky, Suzy, Zouza, Yellow and Flak and some others make me think to come one more time there every possible end of the day.
People in this server are like ingredients and right now the soup tastes bad because of some.
Get real. There are a lot better games out there than q3a and the score whores are so outdated fashion for this overrated game. it's still good but not that good. Long goes the glorious time of the clan wars and long nights burning eyelashes. Your new to this compared to what some of us had passed. So respect and stop bothering others like spoiled children.
This bothering is the main cause of argues and fights and intolerance and i won't say that i still have patience for some others because when lines are crossed everyone gets upset no matter the degree or tolerance.
And yes, i predicted and told Suzy that night, that someone would go imedialty run to V clan page and printscreen our convo and make of it a vengefull flag, so proper of that person's behaviour. Sorry, but i didnt said anything that wasn't currently true or generaly talked amongst players and i dont like some people beeing that way as well as may others naturaly may not like the way i am, but at least i effortlessly have fun with the others, compensating my possible bad side.
I wont accuse anylonger no one directely, makes me feel realy bad, but, for those i say, you have a high deficit of humility, you lack modesty and respect and that attitude of utter arrogance towards others and every single one is simply disgusting and abnoxious.
None likes it in server. Not would even animals. You can keep that for yourself and me, if you got pleased with it, i wont mind, since ill consider it null or even fun, but please don't make it a rule for everyone, i may tolerate everything but as i said golden rules don't apply to everyone. Respect others and stop creating bad enviornment affecting the fun that some may spontaniously have during the game, fun and good vibes that if you cannot create, don't ruin other's with your bad "ingredient" attitude.
Another thing is that /tell # is purely lame. In my humble opinion should be disabled if possible. When in bad use, is function for feeding pure backstabbers and people with bad intentions and i deeply avoid it and neglect it.
If you have something to say, say it in the front. Don´t throw to others backs.
If this bad environement continues the way as it is, and now i will whine, whimper, wail, cry, mewl, groan, moan, howl, yowl it as much as possible, i may leave this game for good. Is beeing deeply considered and it's on the table for me because time is beeing unnecessarely bad consumed.
What i may have said/typed recently, good or bad said to anyone, is purely a bad and natural result of the above described events.

Cheer and take care.
I'm preety sure that you don't want me to place an avatar picture...
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Re: complains and freedom

Post by bigbubies »

Yo kids

Here is another post for the soap-opera ver. 1.1.0

I have played at this server for a long time because i think its great fun and also to meet some of the old players from way back in time, and we never had any soap-operas like this before. Its always nice to meet and play with Micky, Flak, Mal, Mollusk, Johan, X-tos, Y, Kaska and many more. Some of them we sadly dont see so much anymore. I just dont like you and try to deal with it.
Your right, im rudish and provocative and i have many other good properties.
Do you have other skills than arrogance and pRo-fever ?

Voodoo i realy dont care about what you are thinking about me and my skills and play. Contemplate me as an enemy. I join this game to fight, not to make love or new friends, and i mostly join the other team than you if you remember ;)

My lag will be solved in 2019.

When you insult me and my friends you get back in same category.

Your conversations at the server goes generally in spanish.

You give a shit in "The section 1. of the Flak constitution (look above)

Here is a example from last night (23.45-0.15)

Las gilipolleces de la puta gorda fea = The fucking ugly fat ashole (want more ?)

Your insulting in spanish is a joke (ask Larry and Sergey if you doubt)

You always join same team as your two beloved friends, and you almost never shoot at them if you rarely play on a different team than them, and that is pathetic.

BTW: I only visit your country and spending money so you get the opportunity to donate a little money to this server. (i still hate your famous culture of bullfighting)

Voodoo lets make a deal for the future: Ignore or mute :D


You are a spy and a troublemaker and im writing a book about you and your behavior and i will send you a copy when it is finish. (it will be published at Catfish inc.)

In the future: Ignore or mute :D

I think your a nice guy and you have always been helpfull. Sadly your friends make some influence by this opera but i hope we can have a normal relation in the future.

Feliz navidad
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Re: complains and freedom

Post by VoODoO »

1- I don't insult to nobody.
2- I speak in my language because it's hard for me speak in English. I can speak like I want.
3-The fucking ugly fat ashole <--- can mean anything. I don't see names.
4-I don't have the Pro-fever. I think that I'm a rookie yet,but thanks for you see me like a pro. :D
5- I play in the same team that Xavi and Meltem because are my mates of fight.
6-If you have problems with I generally speak in Spanish,learn Spanish.
7-The last time I keeping silence but you attack to me. You say me camper. You laughing when I did a bad round (nice VoODoO). Why if I quiet?
8-I don't know who are Larry and Sergey.
9-How many times can you ignore to me? Your nature is provocative like u recognize.
10-When I speak in english and I make a mistake you laughing of me ( I accept it) but for other side you have complaints because I speak in Spanish. :D
11-I agree with that bullfighting is a shit.
12-You accuse to star of spy and you do the same (point 3) .
13-In 2019? they will support a lot complaints about lag then... Haha
14- I only make influence about my avatar in quake. :D

You don't say nothing with sense in the post with 2 exceptions. Xavi is a nice guy and bullfighting should disappear
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Re: complains and freedom

Post by SavaGe »

Thanks for the invitation Flak , but where are the beers?! :)
I feel this post sad, to stir the past is a waste of time, but you are trying to do your best like an admin and I appreciate it .
I want to comment that I have Quake 3 Arena since 1999, and I cant remember anybody who plays actually at *V* Freeze server, playing at DemonUk server ( the first Quake3 internet server in Europe ). I played some other games but I never had troubles to anyone, since now ...
I dont see the point into laught about others, I dont like people who talks at the back to the others, I neither like people who waits to be 2 or 3 to attack someone, I dont like people who insults without sense and no reason, I dont like people who complains themselves, I dont like people who needs proves to be better than other one. If you haven't got respect, you deserve the same; and If I did, you know now why . So, if this is your way to take fun, you are not in my world.
Probably nobody of you has meet personally a ganer with who you have spent a lot of time enjoying. I recommend it. Try to be more sociable and enjoy your game, your Quake.
Excuse my english, is the worst, but I hope that you could understand it all. And ... Cris hostia! Ese inglééééés campeón ! ( I will try to meet you soon or later m80! )
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Re: complains and freedom

Post by star »


Thank you Flaskenes for inviting us here )))

Here the story starts

Includes No complains, no insults, no defending ;

1-First there is no bad attitude from me, Xavi and Criss to both of you.There is just one thing we did wrong we defended ourselves and gave back answers to both of you .Patience has limits xD
Now I got it , why you both think we are in bad atittude, you both are so much concerned about yourselves and did a great mistake you both think everyone sees the world as you both do !!!
You are wrong!! We dont make fun with ppls lifes to compansate our possible bad sides, we are not rude and provacative !! these change the whole story from our side to yours!! You both want to have fun with ppls lifes and they should shut up and wont give answer, patience has full limit overdosed and still not enough , we gave answers and you both didnt like it , thats why i am called troublemaker ,and when Mal was kicked and came by unnamedplayer ,one day high ping player came with unnamedplayer nick you said Xavi was hiding, I said he has nothing to hide and ofc told Xavi you call me spy comn if I say same thing of Mal you will phone him ))) You were accusing Xavi as cheater and he is hiding. Under light of all happening here the story gets stuck.

Guys go outside and find somewere else to have fun and dont ruin ppls mods. HUMAN IS NOT A TOY!! When both were child they didnt get enough toys as seen xDDD
Human does empathy if it has, when u see one person doesnt like that kind of making fun with their lifes why going on ? Not asking a question I am trying to mention you should stop doing it . I remember when I was giving answers to Suzy, Mal was saying to me she is crazy dont give back answers .
Both not bored doing same things then ,when you cant get what you want , start to cry, I remeber when Marina and Nova accused you as cheater you cried alot to us and I defended you against them, I thought you were friend of us so sad I didnt see your real face!! Everything has time to be seen !

2 – You both think that you are above everything ! Your nicks say alot LordofGay, Pornstar, hemoroid...These all tell alot about personality. And Suzy uses nicks for accusing insulting ! You both think you are so clever intellegent and other ppl are idiots they dont get it ,you can do whatever you want!
Talking on back is another story both tell the best and do the best, Mal said with his own mouth Suzy and her toy zouza ( Suzy is manuplating her in anyway she wants ) was saying hemoroid after when I leave server , I want to say a point I can leave when I want and its not your concern. Saying those words shows yours own personality . As Martin said everyone is free to camp or to leave when she or he wants!!
Its called freedom.

And Suzy call me and Xavi twinpigs and in future she think a relation with him, a newborn even will laugh at you .You say they are 3 idiots # You hate his two friends # and want to be good with him you must have lost your reality, thats why you hate us !! You want to make me and Criss full and bored and make us say oh enough we are leaving server!! That is your absurd dream .
With this mind thinking and behaviour you two are not in our worlds !! Suzy you had an back answer about relation so go outside and try I know its hard for you with this behaivior to find some ppl to have a relation , find some hobby then to clear your mind.

Suzy you always talk about money,trying to impress ppl with it , if you are using money to do that, that means you are tooo desperate !! Server is a quake game site not your money talk site , ppl come here to relax have nice and different talks , when you feel you are not accepted a bit, you warm up same money issues and talk again, you think money affects all. But its not at all, its just part of life to buy our needs !!!

Since I came to our server, when I am alone you both attacked me and when Xavi comes silence begins., and now you have no shame doing all the time when you want, this rode the server to this point. And believe me you wont accept any of these as bad , they are normal to both of you, its shame.

3- lets go to the kicked story you are making fun with us and thinking we have no brains we are all idiots . There was alot of word salad models,noghost,baseq....Really are you thinking we dont remember anything!!!
I will give all clues, first when we came 1,32 exessive mod you also came with us and Mal you were fragging 35-40 and magic shotgun and rail and you had no model issues or baseq a lot maps ,,,etc, ooooo +RBB came and said id 0 is cheating first nobody get it neither me and he repeated it so many times and talked about it then you sneaked to spect and disconnected, if you were clean why didnt you stay and defend!!

After that ,server didnt put anticheat on, you still came under unnamedplayer, I dont forget one night you fragged all of us at the end in spanish you said you See Who Is The Best !!! And you are saying we are taking game seriously , now take a look who is taking it seriously )
You are talking about being scorewhore is bad and saying this and using cheat its sooo pathetic!! Its such a shame!!

And the main part of this story +RBB came couple of times and said why anticheat is not on and Yellow turned on anticheat , that unnamedplayer portugal flag got kicked cuz of cheats.
There are facts from yours old 1,16 Vserver ip, when we came to 1.32 with Mal player ip and that kicked person ip were same and flak told all these in server and we were all there.

After a bit time you came without cheat and gameplay was changed alot and its not important. Important part is you still say alot 3 paragraphs about accusing that kick with models noghost baseq... pass these Mal, leave them in the back ,play and have fun only with game !!
Sometimes we can loose sometimes we can win its fun . Both try to only have fun with Game enjoy it . Laughing is best for health but not at ppl, and don't have to be better then anyone just play just have fun.

And Suzy you wrote to Criss and still having fun with his game play ! He is one of the best players in server accept it !! Talking on backs giving yourself nicks to accuse ,insult ppl you are really PRO at this. Go on do more I dont see anything I mute you ,so you can do the same! Writing Xavi in forum about mute is a different story and He said to you Dont write private messages again!!!

Suzy your complain machine is online 7/24 give a break . Machine will burn out with overdose use.
And Mal you are saying we complain a lot aham For the servers good and to feel better there will be no more give back answers or defending from us and server bad air part 2 will be cleared !!!
He doesn't see his friend 7/24 ProComplainer is in worldrecord list, if she tries bit harder she will join univers record list in rate n1!!

And Mal is giving advice Suzy to do jokes with us , mainly her jokes are insulting and provocative.
And for your behaviour noncompatibility with life, there are 4 universities trying to study and do post graduate Phd thesis about your behaviour, You must be proud !! And you are on program hate/insult/provocative 1.6.4. program its harsh for your environment! Try like/respect/accept 2.6.0. program its nice and if you upgrade it with empathy works more better.

Both are like broken original plate record player saying ,doing same things to us its server bad air part 1, stop and let peace be here ! Both do bad behaviors against us but we love human beings so we don't hate anyone or have rancor, as I said before with this bad behaviours ,you two are not in our worlds.
Btw we have B plan , we are clever we want to end this , if it doesn't stop we will ignore, no more answers from us so the server bad air part 2 will be cleared. .

We cant change you both but we can stop the responses we give, that causes server bad air part 2.

4-Another talking back and front story!! Nobody is aiming you and your friend Suzy. You are wrong again !!!You both aim ppl and have fun with their lifes, you both think we are thinking in same such a way , You both are wrong again we dont!! But when we arent in server or to our face sometime insults are so badly # they are 3 idiots # Dr. Of my ass # she is from frustrated dumped shit country# stupid Turks # stupid Spanish # dumped Spain #..... and more.

All Storys bring us here, ok Our fault is we gave back answers and defended ourselves that created server bad air 2 , solution # so we wont do again !!!
Because bad air part 2 is our responstibilty cuz there is no end you both dont stop doing insulting accusing being provocative .We talked about it incase plan B # if not bad air part 1 doesn't stop, Criss found the mute for me and Xavi asked me to use it I said yess i am using mute so you both can do the same or stop its yours choice.
Sorry for writing Long , as I am Star I holded love light and positive energy to the pathway .
And tomorrow is Fridayyyyy Xavi , Criss , Martinn ,Yelloww, Micky ,Thaw ,Kers , hanni , Demon , Cigar, Ak , Mollu , Luder ..... all beers and Pizzas are from me , Got a truck full Estrella beer for celebration for fun for laughter for delight for relax and enjoy all !!

We all play Quake for fun GL and HF

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Re: complains and freedom

Post by fl4k »

The server is unpure, so actualy you can use all pk3s you want in your quake, i have even my own model pk3s and other modifications...Its not about models why you were kicked, you had to have some other shit...
But i wont now make a long drama of it bcuz we had that already...If your quake is clean, like it seem to be now, then im happy...
Furthermore i want to tell you, that your last conversation with suzy about Star (see link below) was disgussting and unmature, so i would appreciate it if you stop blaming or insult Star, Voodoo or Savage in the future. That behavior will not have any positive result even for yourself, if you have something to say, this is the place for it...

Your lag bla was amusing for a period of time, but slowly its turning on to the other side...Its ridicolous how often you come with your lag bla during a day...
Yellow and i told you so many times, if you want help, record a f&%king video and send us your cfg but you dont even managed to do this since years....
I wanna inform you that this lag bla is confusing and influencing people who dont know the background of your bla. In worse case they will leave the server cuz of it...So at least reduce your bla to real lags, i mean when pings are increasing, thats a lag, not what you have...
If you want to call someone camper then at least dont do it yourself othewise you act hypocratic.
-I just dont like you and try to deal with it.
-Your right, im rudish and provocative and i have many other good properties.
-Contemplate me as an enemy. I join this game to fight, not to make love or new friends, and i mostly join the other team than you if you remember
Be more specific Suzy, i hope it was meant ironic, otherwise you have a weird attitude...
BTW: I only visit your country and spending money so you get the opportunity to donate a little money to this server. (i still hate your famous culture of bullfighting)
Pls reduce your post to facts and stop being foolish...countrys and cultures have nothing to do with Q3.

Furthermore i want to tell you, that your last conversation with Mal about Star (see link below) was disgussting and unmature, i would also appreciate it if you stop blaming, insult and provoking Star, Voodoo or Savage in the future. That behavior will not have any positive result even for yourself, if you have something to say, this is the place for it...

Evidence (log extraction) of Mal and Suzy insulting Star

Star Star Star, my dear Star, this will be the longest part of my writing...
I can remember as it would be last week. When you suddenly show up with Savage and Voodoo and everyone was happy about, that even on 1.16n we had some newcomers.
Yeah now comes the but..It did not need to take long and you started to act a bit strange. But i was like ok, everyone is pissed sometimes and didnt pay attention anymore.
But unfortunately many things have accumulated since then and i had to bite my tongue several times to not give you a huge amount of my opinion cuz im probably the most patient person on earth...
i will give you some examples.

---- Back the days when someone chose a bad team, you started to insult them by idiot and other words...but then there were events when you joined by yourself a bad team only cuz savage was in...
---- I dont remember exactly who started but you were always the more agressive part when it came to conversation with suzy, calling idiot and other words i never seen that so often from suzy...
---- You call others camper, fine but after next 5 seconds i had to watch on spectator like you camp by yourself...thats hypocratic...
---- You want to comment everything, i mean maps by "crap map" what people say, what people do EVERYTHING
---- You wine when your team is losing and ask for teams, alright, but when your opossite team is losing or has one player less you dont give a shit and dont say even one single word, see how hypocratic this is?
---- You are way too serious sometimes, taking even jokes as serious thing...still missed how internet works....
---- You talk sometimes in 3rd peson to people, like they were childs. Dont know if its lack of english or simply a dessire to provocate...
---- You say, people talk about you behind your back? I can write a book or lyrics for 20 CDs on how often you spammed my facebook about suzy and others, mostly about her...just little example "quote" Im sure suzy is man" "she looks old on her picture"..bla..bla..bla. Like i f%&king care about?!
just for info, Suzy never wrote me a single private message on facebook, server, email, forum or any other platforms about you, it was always only you who did on facebook!!!

Since im part of V comunity (late 2006) i never seen whirls and conversations like this here.. Ofc there were confrontations but not in this dimension...
So the logical conclusion is that you are the main cause of this situation cuz you spread bad atmosphere with your act. Lets face it, it was just a matter of time that someone will tell you his opinion and Mal is not that patient as me.
What do you think how long this would go? People are not blind but most of them are quiet, and when people start to act like yourself then you play holy and blame others. Yes, i know that people insult you and its bad, very bad... but they just act like you been to them...You have now the result of your own acts, you earn what you seed said onced a smart guy....

I can even remember a day when Savage said something like star just play ...

To remember, we moved V to 1.32 of several reasons, one of them is to get a more active comunity.
And when i see that you discomfort Kersy who isnt that long playing on V untill yet and seems to be a nice and sympathic person, THEN I COULD FALL INTO A FIT OF RAGE!!!

Star: hehe
__|¯¯|_o.o______o.o: gn
Star: o_o
Hanniballs: =]
DEnny: die
__|¯¯|_o.o______o.o: to thaw is not tom camp
Star: but np do more
Star: ahaha really that was camp
__|¯¯|_o.o______o.o: and that was chat frag revenge
__|¯¯|_o.o______o.o: i m not camoing at all
Star: they do collective campfire ))))
Star: 1and you kers also
DEnny: ???

Usualy you´re a nice person and also when server had troubles, you were the first one who reported!!! But your problem is that your ego is overcoming you and then you lose the control about yourself!
Think about it, if you want that people respect you, you have to respect aswell otherwise you will produce more events like this thread now. Yeah carma is a bitch.
My advice to you is to stop acting hypocratic and start to be authentic, dont take everything serious and leave your conservative beliefs becouse V isnt only about fragging its about being foolish, funny and silly...
I hope that you wont take it as a blame but rather as a constructive critic. I know critics doesnt taste good, belive me i didnt wanted that but i had no other choise than to open this thread and to tell you whats on my mind.
I would also appreciate it if you stop blaming and provoking Suzy, Mal and any other person on server in the future. That behavior will not have any positive result even for yourself, if you have something to say, this is the place for it...

Savage and Voodoo
I dont have much to say to you both but maybe one thing. And thats about camping, i mean maybe it was the practice on massacre to blame campers, cuz the style on massacre is based on rail only and rail jump gameplay. So indeed it would be weird if someone camps.
But V is not massacre! Camp may be noobish at some point, but why the heck you both care so much about that? I mean its like someone would pull off your flesh untill you blame some camper...
V is a server where people can play as they want, there never been any other rules about gameplay and will never be. Its even easier to frag a camper so i dont even see the point.
Imagine, if you would play chees with someone, you would not try to blame him about how bad his next move was, right? Thats how V works, so deal with it...
I would also appreciate it if you stop blaming Suzy, Mal and any other person on server in the future. That behavior will not have any positive result even for yourself, if you have something to say, this is the place for it...

At the end i wanna tell everyone.
Everything i said, is based on own observations and facts. Im neutral and dont prefer any party or person...
I hope you all can reconcile with eachother, althought i dont expect that but at least what i wanted is that you express yourself and show, that noone actualy of you is holy.
Its on your hand how you form the atmosphere so work with comunity not against comunity.

In cases that someon will continues to provoke i will give permanent mutes by rcon.
Its possible that people which are not involved in this conversation like Zouza will keep barking, then dont reply i will warn and mute if needed.

Despite of all that, if anyone should feel dejected, i wanna tell you, head up, its not the end of the world and everything can be ok again! But things had to be told.
I wish everyone a nice weekend.
Who the fuck is "General Failure" and what is he doing on my PC...
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Re: complains and freedom

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Hello old friends. Do not offend anyone MAL to 100% use WH I knew and even saw it is another hero from server V. There are a few crooks on the server V MAL is one of the last.VODOOO you are right about Malice the rest I do not agree SUZY is a player for entertainment not everyone wants to be proplayer.I think there is no one who would not like madness SUZY :)
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