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Nov 21, 2016

Posted by: Fl4k
Map update

Hey Guys,
i've updated maps and also put the edge map in. This is the last update so far, so please clear your baseq because else you can get double map files with funny names and be sure you have set /cl_allowdownload "1" so you will get maps directly from gameserver. If you should want to download them by hand, download them in a V mappack or separately from maplist or download section on site.

Nov 16, 2016

Posted by: YeLLoW
A little technical stuff of the gameplay

Heya guys,


found this interesting reading you may like. It's basically about hitboxes and delag and stuff. Check it out

Nov 5, 2016

Posted by: Fl4k
Map entities and map bugs

Hey quakers!
As some of you noticed, ive added a third armor (green) on few maps and replaced item positions on others.


E+ modification provides a cool feature which allows to hack map entities, so we can now put all kind of items like weapons, health, armors... on a defined position and even transform freeze maps to ctf maps with defined flag position aswell.
So, if you have some cool ideas of a item placement, i mean i can even place some items in the air :D so write down your ideas under the link below.


Next thing i wanna treat, is that some of you experience graphical issues on specific maps, for this purpose read also under the link below.

Map entities and map bugs

Oct 26, 2016

Posted by: YeLLoW
We can run the server for over 3 years...

Guys, guys, guys....girls, girls, girls...


I can't even find the words how to say thank you to you all who contributed (btw girls you are crazy!!!). I transferred all your donation to digital ocean account so i don't have to touch it for next 3 years :)

By this way i would also like to contact xtos/kaska who are paying for the expensive V1, guys, shut it down. Its not worth it. Now with cheap cloud solutions its not worth to have expensive physical server. 


PS: As i really appreciate those higher donations, the idea of this was to split the cost between more ppl (equally more or less) so it would be cheap for everyone. So it would not touch your wallets at all and if lets say 10 ppl would pay 5 euro we are covered for 1 year and you would said to yourself "ok i will skip this bigmac menu for once per year and donate those 5 euro to V server and i am done for 1 year" :) But of course if you don't mind then i don't mind at all :D Just to let you know you are still not getting rcon!!!! :D


Thanks again :)



Oct 24, 2016

Posted by: YeLLoW
Wow....i mean wow...

This is just f-ing unbelievable. In 1 day i have received almost 75% of the 1 year cost of the server. I would like to thank you guys. This is really appreciated. 

Oct 23, 2016

Posted by: YeLLoW
1 thing about donation...

So we have found out there is a fee with paypal 31 cents for each donation/transfer :/ I thought if everyone could just send like 1 euro and we would be good for few months. But now it changes things. So do not send anything till i figure out how to bypass these fees. Or if you don't mind the fee go ahead. I don't mind :) 

Oct 23, 2016

Posted by: YeLLoW
Some popupar QL maps soon

Hi pigs,


Flaki is working on a properly ported QL maps pack with some sweet flavor. A little sneak peak. Do you know which map is this? :)


Oct 22, 2016

Posted by: YeLLoW

Heya fellas,


Some of you asked how could you participate to the server in the way of donations so i created a donate link for paypal (top right corner) for those of you who are interested. Server costs around 5 euro per month which is not that much and i can still handle it on my own but in case you would like to help even with like 50 cents, Eminem, Dr. Dre etc :D it will be really appreciated :)

For each 50 cents i will grand you rcon password for 1 month :D ah no just kidding. But even this small amount is practically 10% of the server costs :)

And for those who don't like to donate please type your IP to the chat so i can ban you :D


Thanks and cheers :)



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