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Oct 9, 2016

Posted by: YeLLoW
Another server update

So i was messing with autodownload function because i was pissed that the speed is so slow (7-15kB). So i did some digging and found out that the issue is with quake itself. So i fired up my test server and tested ioquake. Maybe some of you heard about it. Basically its quake 3 but up to date developed from free 1.32c source by independent guys. Check this crazy release date...2nd october 2016...yeah its few days old. This updated version of quake has so called http/ftp download so in case you need some pk3 file instead of using slow and limited UDP protocol your file will be downloaded using http/ftp. This boost the download speed up to 2MB/s! So no more waiting or disconnecting and searching for the map on internet. Too bad latest ioquake require 64bit OS where our server "was" 32bit............... So this boring Sunday i took myself to PC, did backup of all files, reinstall the whole server to 64 bit and put everything back with ioquake. :)


So you may ask what this mean for you? Nothing. You won't even notice. Except if you are using hlsw or similar tool you have to add path to ioquake option. But simply use your path to old 1.32c quake3.exe. And that's it. Of course you can go ahead and try the ioquake client. It's perfectly working with excessive mode and have some nice features like openGL2 support, Quake Live mouseaccel code and few more. You can check the Players Guide for more info. 


And i can't forget to thank Fl4kito for testing :)



Cheers, Y

Oct 5, 2016

Posted by: YeLLoW
You were not really unlagged...

Yo pigs,

sooo i have found the issue for your "lags". It was not server's fault as i thought, it was client side's fault. Basically we all forgot to set one parameter to make yourself unlagged. Even me...


xp_delagweapons 15


check your console. I bet most of you will have "0". Change it to 15 and test it. 

15 means client delag for all hitscan weapons. Its a sum value of following


1 - Machinegun

2 - Shotgun

4 - Lightning

8 - Railgun


Please set your cl_packetdup to 2 and cl_maxpackets to 100 to ensure most stable ping for delag to work most efficient. 

You may disable any timenudge you were using by cl_timenudge 0. Trust me you wont need it anymore. 

Also you may check my cfg. DL it, test it, whatever you like. This is pure excessive cfg. You should not have any issues with this cfg (just change your stuff like resolution, sensitivity etc.)

config post

Aug 31, 2016

Posted by: Fl4k
V goes 1.32

Hey quakers!
As some of you already know, V is on the way to change the point release.
For details please read here



Apr 25, 2016

Posted by: YeLLoW
Server location pool

Ola guys,


please check the forum and place your vote. It's kinda important. 

Also if you have no account create one and let me know your nick in the questboook so i can activate you. 




***PS: i have booted cloned V1 on server located in Frankfurt. Everything is running just like on regular V1. I have just shut down the stats updates. 

Feel free to test it. [*V*]FreezE


Apr 12, 2016

Posted by: YeLLoW
"Latest posts" fixed


so i have finally managed to get the latest posts section working again. The issue was that php script was getting wrong variables wherever it was getting them from. Anyways i have put all variables manually and voilà :)

Aaand i have also updated the forum to the latest version.  Not that we would need that :D But firstly i thought it would help with latest posts. But..never mind :)


Cheers :)

Mar 8, 2016

Posted by: YeLLoW
New mod for voting

aaaaaand just not to forget,


Kaska made a nice idea about new mod for the game. Its basically more like a new config than mod. I called it "LightningGun & MachineGun Only" mod :D

It is already available through the voting system for few fun maps. You will see it randomly as a description after the map name.

So what is this mod about:


No items

999 LG and 999 MG ammo

Weapon drop on

A pickup of dropped weapon will restore your ammo back to 999 (MG can't be dropped. So this is only for LG)

Starting armor 100

Starting teleporter

Unfreeze time is 5 seconds!


And that's it. Post your comments, suggestions, complains in the forum section. There is a topic for that...somewhere...deeply...hidden :D



Mar 8, 2016

Posted by: YeLLoW
V site ported to CMS system

Ola guys,


just a quick update. I have ported the site to cms system to simplify news creation. This is why you don't see older news. I was too lazy to manually copy them over.

Previously it was pain in the ass to edit news because we had to modify the index.php file directly in text editor (what a lamers i know :D)

Also somehow is the latest-post script from forum not working (blank space at the right bottom). I will take a look on that later. We were also thinking with Fl4k about to change the web site design a bit but since this is not a promotional page but more like informational i see no point in spending more time with this :) Fl4k also promised to create a new logo so we will see :P :D




Mar 8, 2016

Posted by: YeLLoW
V2 Rocket arena 1.32

Hi guys,

As requested by some of you i have set up the V2 server as 1.32 rocket arena to have some more fun and also 1vs1 matches (Kaska VS Xtos). Basically what you need is a 1.32c pointrealease and rocket arena 1.76. I will not post links because you can google the files pretty easily. Just don't forget you have to switch to rocket arena using quake 3 main menu > mods before connecting to server. Otherwise you will get some missmatch protocol 999 bla bla.
Also for admin guys there is same rcon password as on V1 but the arena have pretty nice in-game menu where you can put the admin password and change maps etc. The admin pass is "adminme". To use it you have to open game menu (ESC) when already connected to server, click on Administration and the first line which is sometimes not very well visible is the Admin password text box. Just type the password in and you can use all the commands which are listed and super easy map changes.

For those who have not played RA before the game mod is simple. Give all players maximum health, maximum armor and all weapons with lots of ammo, disable all items on map and whatch them as they fight to the last man.

Have a good frags


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